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Cult, Church, City: Medieval St Andrews

20 February – 3 July 2022

The cult of a Saint.
The power of the Church.
A city defined by them both.

Image © National Museums Scotland

St Andrews in the medieval period was Scotland’s religious capital, the seat of its first archbishop, a major site of pilgrimage and a centre of learning.

It was a city that lost much through the destruction of the Reformation, but some things have survived.

This exhibition brings together unique and often dazzling artworks, artefacts, manuscripts and books in St Andrews for the first time in nearly 500 years, telling the story of a town and time that can now only be glimpsed.

Created by Professor Michael Brown and Dr Bess Rhodes, experts in the field, it is complemented by amazing virtual reconstructions of the town and its buildings, showing the cathedral in all its glory, the castle before it was looted and the University as it could only be imagined.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a range of events and experiences that enable visitors to dive deeper into the St Andrews of the medieval period.